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DISC Professional Styles

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The DISC is a personalized self-assessment that is on the shortlist of professionals who want to learn more about their own strengths and challenges.
Teams use the DISC to build appreciation for diverse styles and increase collaboration.
Organizations use the DISC to build a culture of respect and value for diversity.

Our new Disc Professional Styles Assessment is unique in these ways:

  • More affordable
  • Easy to access – buy individually online or through us for multiple assessments
  • No certification is needed
  • No additional fees are required (such as annual set-up fees)
  • Reports are easy to read, colorful and chock-full of useful information¬†


Customized Reports

A full-color instant report

No Training Required

Accessibility to use enterprise-wide without training requirements

Affordable Pricing

The most affordable DISC Assessment on the market

Free Learning Aids

Access to value resources at no additional expense