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If people at work could come with instruction manuals, it would be the DISC Professional Style Assessment! Each of us has a unique “style” or approach to achieving results at work. The DISC Professional Style Assessment measures style preferences and the natural strengths and challenges that each of us brings to work every day.

We created a game-changer: a new kind of DISC report—one that is easy to take, does not require certification to administer, and is affordable and easy-to-access. You don’t need to take hours of classes or pay high membership fees here! And we offer free DISC Team Reports so that teams can apply their growing understanding of diverse DISC styles to an action plan.

  • Launch one assessment with our help, or become a DISC authorized user and launch your own DISC reports. Click on the 
    link below to complete a short application.
  • You will receive the “How-to” document to create your own portal and launch as many DISC reports as you need.
  • We will send you the DISC Report Batch Upload sheet to enter as many names as you would like.

As an authorized partner, you will receive a short PowerPoint presentation, a job aid/handouts packet and a useful facilitator’s manual. 

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View a Sample Report

Below is a partial report. The full report will contain additional sections including a review of your profile strengths and challenges, how to interact with each DISC style, and how to determine your personal DISC Professional Style Pattern.


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No Contracts
or Certification Required

DISC Professional Styles is designed to be an easy-to-use DISC assessment available to anyone. We offer a variety of uses for the assessment:

For Individuals Wanting to Take the DISC Assessment

Contact us to take the assessment at scain@corplearning.com

For Organizational Professionals and Trainers

The DISC Professional Style Profile offers you easy access to our assessment for one-time, team or enterprise-wide use. You can use our free resources or pay a nominal fee for our DISC Professional Style Profile PowerPoint presentation or Facilitator’s Kit. Let us help you build customized materials.  We offer a get-acquainted initial assessment at no charge for you to understand the assessment and how easy it is to launch, use and facilitate. Contact us at scain@corplearning.com to get started.

For Consultants

Consultants can add the affordable DISC Professional Style Profile Assessment to their toolkit with ease. Use our free resource tools or purchase our PowerPoint or Facilitator’s Kit to get started. We offer a get-acquainted initial assessment at no charge for you to understand the assessment and how easy it is to launch, use and facilitate. Contact us at scain@corplearning.com to get started.

Our Affordable Prices

We strive to be the most cost-effective and accessible DISC assessment available on the market today. Take a look at the options below for the online assessment package that fits your needs:

How do we Compare?

Compare our new DISC Professional Styles Assessment to other DISC assessments, and you will discover unique differences. The DISC Professional Styles Assessment gives you:

  • A full-color instant report
  • The most affordable DISC Assessment on the market
  • Accessibility to use enterprise-wide without training requirements
  • Free learning aids
  • Affordable training materials that can be customized for your organization

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