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Introducing the Most Affordable and

Easy to Use DISC Assessment on the Market!


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I’ve taken the DiSC many times before, but I really appreciate the clarity, accuracy and speed that Disc Professional Style Assessment provided to me. Not only did I complete the assessment in under 10 minutes, the report that followed was spot-on accurate, thorough, and complete.  I’ve paid for literally dozens of assessments over the course of my career for myself and for my staff.  I only wish this tool had been available earlier, it would have saved me a fortune!

Paul W. Hillman

Grand Valley State University, Affiliate of Practice – Management Former Managing Partner, C/D/H

Building Better Teams Using Disc

EDM Today featured Disc Professional Styles in their Summer 2021 Publication, read the full article by Joe Ballek, Building Better Teams Using Disc.

We developed the DISC Professional Style Profile to be the most cost-effective, easy-to-use DISC assessment on the market.

The DISC assessment is a personalized self- assessment that is on the shortlist of professionals who want to learn more about their own strengths and challenges.

Teams use the DISC to build appreciation for diverse styles and increase collaboration.

Organizations use the DISC to build a culture of respect and value for diversity.

We created a game-changer: a new kind of DISC report—one that is easy to take, does not require certification to administer, and is affordable and easy-to-access.

Take the assessment as an individual or sign up with us to be a partner to use our free, easy batch process for teams or groups.

View a Sample Report

Below is a partial report. The full report will contain additional sections including a review of your profile strengths and challenges, how to interact with each DISC style, and how to determine your personal DISC Professional Style Pattern.


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No Contracts or
Certification Required

DISC Professional Styles is designed to be an easy-to-use DISC assessment available to anyone. We offer a variety of uses for the assessment:

For Individuals Wanting to Take the DISC Assessment

Contact us to take the assessment at scain@corplearning.com

For Organizational Professionals and Trainers

The DISC Professional Style Profile offers you easy access to our assessment for one-time, team or enterprise-wide use. You can use our free resources or pay a nominal fee for our DISC Professional Style Profile PowerPoint presentation or Facilitator’s Kit. Let us help you build customized materials.  We offer a get-acquainted initial assessment at no charge for you to understand the assessment and how easy it is to launch, use and facilitate. Contact us at scain@corplearning.com to get started.

For Consultants

Consultants can add the affordable DISC Professional Style Profile Assessment to their toolkit with ease. Use our free resource tools or purchase our PowerPoint or Facilitator’s Kit to get started. We offer a get-acquainted initial assessment at no charge for you to understand the assessment and how easy it is to launch, use and facilitate. Contact us at scain@corplearning.com to get started.

Our Affordable Prices

We strive to be the most cost-effective and accessible DISC assessment available on the market today. Take a look at the options below for the online assessment package that fits your needs:

How do we Compare?

Compare our new DISC Professional Styles Assessment to other DISC assessments, and you will discover unique differences. The DISC Professional Styles Assessment gives you:

  • A full-color instant report
  • The most affordable DISC Assessment on the market
  • Accessibility to use enterprise-wide without training requirements
  • Free learning aids
  • Affordable training materials that can be customized for your organization

In an effort to further support our team in a way that was meaningful and relevant, ADK decided to use this tool across the entire management group. The information presented by the assessment was relevant and the value far beyond the cost. It opened up thoughtful communication and discovery which turned out to be a total game changer for our team. We learned so much from the results of this tool and would deem it invaluable for any owner or manager looking to create synergy within a team dedicated to a singular mission or cause.

Josh Tubero

President, Alliance Disaster Kleenup, Inc., www.alliancedk.com


Free Learning Aids

Let us support your personal learning and development, or those you will be working with by providing free materials. Here is a selection of materials to download:

You can also purchase the DISC Professional Style Profile Presentation PowerPoint as well as the DISC Professional Style Facilitator’s Guide for use.

Trainer and Consultant Training Resources

We encourage you to use the DISC Professional Style Profile in your practice. We offer the following resources for you to build your skills and presentation approach:

Free tele-coaching calls to help you
build your skills and approach

An affordable DISC Professional Style Profile Assessment PowerPoint with annotated notes

A DISC Professional Style Profile Facilitator’s Guide with over 20 handouts and job aids

Fully engage participants in your
DISC session with hands-on exercises.

Do You Need Additional Support?

Do you need DISC for more than one person?
Contact us with your needs: