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About CLI

The Corporate Learning Institute is an innovative training, strategy and coaching company dedicated to meeting your organizational development needs.

CLI is celebrating its 30th year providing services to clients all over the world. We are a small, but nimble, organization developed to help you move from idea to reality. 

The Corporate Learning Institute equips contributors with the skills and tools that go beyond generating information to sharing insights; that are immediately accessible, applicable, and actionable on the job; and that build leadership, team, and organizational capabilities for the road ahead.

Our Leadership

Meet our leadership team—
we are ready to work with you to assure that your organization will become the best ever!

You need a trusted partner to cultivate your talent pipeline and develop innovative solutions to your organizations learning and development needs. You may need support in designing a small training initiative or masterminding an enterprise-wide training program. Your need may be to develop an organizational coaching program. It might even be to find excellent strategy facilitation.  We are your ally for providing customized, effective and immediate solutions to all of these needs.

    Our four service areas include:

    1. Coaching Services
    2. Learning Solutions
    3. Performance Assessment
    4. Corporate Strategy Facilitation
    Tim Buividas, Ed.D.

    Tim Buividas, Ed.D.


    Dr. Tim Buividas founded the Corporate Learning Institute in 1992. His passion is working in change management consulting, training and development, and team and individual coaching. His goal is to create provocative learning experiences that change people’s lives.


    Susan Cain, Ed.D., LCSW

    Susan Cain, Ed.D., LCSW


    Dr. Susan Cain, CLI Partner, is a creative instructional designer, strategist, author, executive coach and facilitator. Sue brings her clinical skills and insights into her work with clients.

    She has worked across business sectors worldwide with organizations including Kellogg, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney Federal Credit Union, Kerry, Tellabs and Whirlpool. 

    William Johnson, MA, MCT, CPC

    William Johnson, MA, MCT, CPC


    William is a highly experienced training and development professional who specializes in applied learning and experiential learning techniques. William is a also a highly-regarded classroom facilitator who can bring learning material alive for participants.

    Fulcrum Network has had the opportunity to work with both Sue Cain and Tim Buividas on a number of training and team building projects.  With each assignment, the client was completely satisfied with their work and exceeded their expectations.  Our clients have continued to work with them on subsequent training projects and has had regularly scheduled courses CLI offered on their training calendar. CLI is our one of Fulcrum Network’s “go to” resources for team building and custom training work.  We highly recommend them, especially for custom training and team building work!

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