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Fulcrum Network’s Diane Kubal
on the DISC Professional Styles Assessment

Diane Kubal is founder of Fulcrum Network, your resource for experience-based virtual learning. Find out more at www.fulcrumnetwork.com. DISC Professional Styles Creator Dr. Susan Cain recently interviewed Diane about her use of the DISC Professional Styles Assessment.

Susan: Diane, how do you use the DISC Professional Styles Assessment with your with your clients?

Diane: Fulcrum Network has used the DISC Professional Styles assessment in three of our Modern Managers Series programs on the topics of Moving from Bud to Boss, Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth and Uncertainty.

Susan: Why did you chose the DISC Professional Styles Assessment for your programs?

Diane: We have integrated the DISC assessment from several perspectives to help managers understand their own DISC Style and recognize and better understand how to work with and communicate with team members. Dr. Cain has provided useful job aids to supplement the assessment results that identify strengths and challenges of each DISC Style related to Emotional Intelligence.

And, in our Change program, the DISC assists managers to learn how each of their direct reports deal with change and offers simple, effective tools to support team members based on their DISC Style needs and challenges.  The job aids, videos and materials provided by the Corporate Learning Institute that supplement the DISC assessment are easy to use and, more importantly, participants love them!

Susan: Anything else?

Diane: Additionally, we have incorporated the DISC Professional Styles model into our Best Practices for Leading Hybrid and Remote teams and Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills.  Although, participants don’t take the assessment, Dr. Cain has provided very practical application tools to help participants apply DISC concepts to managing and coaching remote and hybrid employees.

If you are looking for an affordable and effective DISC solution, I highly recommend working with Dr. Susan Cain of the Corporate Learning Institute.  She is generous, supportive and provides numerous tools to ensure your success!

Experiential System’s Keith Jacobs
on DISC Professional Styles  

Keith Jacobs is the President of Experiential Systems, a full-service challenge course construction company that has been building ropes courses and climbing towers for over 35 years. Visit them at www.experientialsystems.com. DISC Professional Styles

Creator Dr. Susan Cain recently interviewed Keith.

Susan: Keith, you recently completed our new DISC professional Styles Assessment. How did it go?

Keith: After approximately 10 years I recently completed the DISC again using DISC Professional Styles. I focused my answers on my role as president of my company and my interactions with our current leadership team. 

Not only did I enjoy the process of thinking about each question of whether I was “most” or “least” resembling a specific trait or personality which along provided some insight I had not considered. I appreciated the complete report provided by Dr. Cain that outlined my professional style within this specific group. 

Susan: How do you plan to use your results?

Keith: After reviewing, I immediately sent it to my COO to provide them insights on my style and ways that may help us to work together more effectively.   While I’ve always utilized the DISC in the back of my mind, my role is significantly different with the current group that I manage, vs the last time I took it, when I was a member of a team and not the leader.  While there are some similarities between my older profile and my newer one, there are additionally key differences, specifically in my role as president and leader that cannot be ignored. 

Susan: Do you recommend DISC Professional Styles to others?

Keith: I highly recommend the use of this tool, to not only generate personal self-awareness, but to additionally drive better communication between team members. In only 48 hours I have already had a follow up meeting with my COO to discuss increasing communications based on my sharing of my profile with her, and I look forward to expanding the use of the DISC to the rest of our leadership team soon and increasing our overall awareness of communication styles and ways to increase our effectiveness as a group and/or efficiency in communicating and collaborating.  

Susan: Keith, how can experiential educators and faciliators best use our new cost-effective DISC tool?

Keith: Regarding the use of the Disc Professional Styles Assessment with small group facilitators, I think this tool is and/or will be profoundly impactful for individual who are interested in being the best leader, communicator, or facilitator and that the combination of the assessment itself, coupled with the profile packet and some light coaching will produce powerful outcomes.

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