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The Affordable and Reliable DISC Alternative


The Disc Professional Styles Assessment


The DISC is the personal and team development tool of choice for many organizations today. Discover how to assess, appreciate and leverage your own unique style – and those of others.


Five years in the making, our assessment offers you both reliability and convenience. We provide a beautiful 21-page full-color assessment with a learning booklet that is instantly downloadable. At a price-point you can afford, our assessment comes complete with self-scorable answer sheet, pattern descriptions and an action plan.

Unique Features and Benefits

You do not have to be certified to take or offer the assessment.

We offer additional materials like Workbooks, PowerPoints, and Job Aids at affordable prices.

We provide free support to coach you when you most need it.

Take the DISC Professional Styles Assessment Now

Take the assessment and receive instantly downloadable results.

Bring the DISC Professional Styles Assessment to Your Organization

Bring DISC to your organization with our help. Now you don’t have to be certified or go through a lengthy training process to use the DISC inside your organization. We provide free coaching to help you facilitate DISC as a learning tool for your organization.

Order Affordable DISC Professional Styles Assessment Training Products

We provide the following training support products for you:


  • New! Facilitator’s Kit
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck
  • Optional Job Aids


Contact us to set up an account and begin the process of using DISC in your organization.

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How much do the reports cost?

Individual reports cost $25.00 each. It’s easy to access PayPal and take the assessment. All you have to do is  follow the prompts above. If you are interested in DISC for your organization, please contact us via the contact form above. 

How reliable are the assessments?

Over a five-year period, we have developed and assessed the DISC Professional Styles Assessment using hundreds of subjects.

Do you offer additional training?

We will offer periodic web-based training opportunities as well as release training tools and tidbits.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, contact us via the contact form above to set up a convenient and confidential overview of the assessment.

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