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Performance Assessments

Transform teams and individual performance
with our expertise in best-in-class assessments.

Experts in Customized & Best-in Class Performance Assessments

Are you looking for ways to improve performance?  Organizations and individuals thrive when they are driven by dependable and accurate data. As certified experts, we provide a variety of our own customized  and best-in -class assessments with coaching or facilitated learning sessions.

We provide assessments in these areas to support  your needs:

CLI’s  new DISC Professional Styles Assessment has been developed to be simple and easy to use, affordable to purchase, and available without certifications.

The colorful, 26-page DISC Professional Styles Assessment is easy to take and review and can be taken online or by ordering in 10-pack printed sets. Our web-based assessment is easy to take, and the personalized full report is instantly generated and available upon completion.

We have spent two years developing and beta-testing the assessment so that you can have confidence in the assessment’s validity and reliability.

The full-color 26-page booklet features stunning full-color graphics as well as identifies the user’s DISC style and style pattern. You don’t have to be certified to take our new DISC Professional Styles Assessment, and we provide coaching and training if needed. Download a sample report here.

Why try the
new DISC Professional Styles Assessment?

Enjoy the highly visual, full-color report

Each report contains a personalized graph table and results page

No more ordering barriers or high fees for setting up an account

No special training required

Use it throughout your organization for a tremendous cost savings

Validated and reliable, our DISC Professional Styles has passed over two years of beta testing

How can you find out how your teams are performing?  Now you can administer the TEAM ESSENTIALS ASSESSMENT simply and affordably right from our website.

The Team Essentials Assessment measures seven key success factors of team performance and suggests how to optimize performance in each critical area. 

Simple and easy to use: Create an account and start launching your assessment right away! We’re here to help you through telephone or email support.

The outcomes are amazing: Clear, concise score are easy to read, and sharable instantly with others. Download a sample report here.

Our assessments are unique to the survey marketplace because they were developed by entrepreneur Dr. Tim Buividas of The Corporate Learning Institute after years of direct practice with teams from every sector of the business world.
In addition, they are:

Proven reliability & validity—ask us for a copy of our report.

We customize the reports to add the key issues you want to measure.

Measuring and building your team’s performance is critical to their success. The  Team- Assess  allows you to self-administer and score your own affordable team assessment. Imagine how your assessment will motivate the team to improve in key areas.

Then, re-launch a new assessment to benchmark team performance progress. Team- Assess measures six key team performance components; team output, team effectiveness, team leadership, individual contributions, team infrastructure, and organizational support.

Each team performance component is further broken down into corresponding sub-components. The result is a crystal-clear picture of how your team members are feeling about their current functioning. Download a sample report here

360° Express is a no-nonsense feedback tool that delivers immediate feedback between leaders and followers and team collaborators. Our 360° Express feedback provides three open-ended questions using the STOP, START, and CONTINUE process.

 Peers and Leaders get the straight feedback they need to hear from each other – quickly and easily.

360° Express can be used as a stand-alone survey or used in conjunction with our Team Essentials Survey.



Are you looking for an alternative to the big name and trendy engagement and culture surveys on the market today? Are you looking for a more economical and more applied approach? Our Organizational Essentials Report may be the perfect solution for your organization.

Cost-effective and efficient, this survey provides immediate results and comprehensive 
information on time and on budget. Contact us to receive a full report.

Analyzing and Improving  team performance  just got easier-and more affordable.  

 How do know if your teams are performing, your employees are fully committed, or your collective culture is healthy?  We have created three new assessments to measure the performance in each area:

Want to measure performance, engagement or culture across your organization?  Have multiple teams complete the Team Essentials Assessment, and we will roll up the data to provide an Organizational Essentials Assessment. 

The Organizational Essentials Assessment lets you compare performance across your organization.

Teams complete the Team Essentials Assessment and the assessments are “rolled up” into an enterprise-wide look at performance, levels of engagement and a picture of organizational culture.

You get more for your investment dollar—individual team reports AND an organizational-wide look at performance enterprise-wide. Download a sample report here.