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Here are the advantages of being a DISC Professional Styles Authorized Partner:

  1. Access to your own private DISC console to provide unlimited DISC Professional Styles reports – all on your own!
  2. Learn to add our FREE DISC Professional Styles Team Report to provide comprehensive DISC team training.
  3. Permission to endorse and use the DISC Professional Styles Authorized Partner logo on your materials and websites.

Get started now by completing the DISC Professional Styles Authorized Partner Application Below and emailing it to scain@corplearning.com:

Available Resources for Authorized Partners:

Build your Expertise with Us!

Become an Authorized Partner and launch and manage multiple DISC’s through your own private assessment portal. Purchase our Facilitator Manual or DISC Professional Styles Master PowerPoint to further develop your skills and customize your presentation.  We offer the following resources for you to build your capacity to offer DISC and improve your presentation skills: 

  •  Free tele-coaching calls to help you learn to launch your own DISC reports and get your own portal up and running. 
  • An Affordable DISC Professional Style Profile Assessment PowerPoint with annotated notes.
  • A DISC Professional Style Profile Facilitator’s Guide with tips on offering DISC in your practice or organization. 

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