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Expert Team Building Services at Your Fingertips

How can you build teams quickly and cost-effectively?

Teams are the workhorse of any organization. CLI is the experts in building high performance teams, and we provide you with the right solutions on time and on-budget.

Launch, revitalize or develop your teams with our selection of popular training sessions, or work with us to build your own personalized team training program:

We provide solutions for expert team building:

Assess Team Member’s Unique Styles
with our DISC New Assessment

Assess your team’s blend of work styles with our cost-effective DISC assessment.
Easy to understand and affordable, The DISC Professional Style Assessment requires no special training or certifications to use. Help your teams discover their hidden talents and unique potential. Find out more at www.discprofessionalstyles.com

Measure Team Performance with The Team Essentials Survey

Assess your team with our comprehensive web-based assessment that measures internal team dynamics and external goal achievement.

 Easy to understand and affordable, The Team Essentials Survey will launch your team toward high performance once you team identifies their strengths and challenges. Find out more at www.team-assess.com.




Three Steps to

1.     Teams will complete the Team Assess Survey, and the DISC assessment to benchmark their current performance levels and their unique blend of capabilities.

2.     Our mini-sessions, full-day or two-day training session includes a debrief of the Team Assess Survey, plus exciting experiential learning activities that build trust and help the team learn to overcome existing challenges. New skills are introduced and practiced, from assertive communication and giving feedback to resolving conflicts and building trust.

3.     The team completes a team performance action plan to transfer key learning’s back to work. Further coaching post-session assures the transfer of team building skills back to work.



Team Building Training

 TEAM JUMP START is a highly customized workshop designed to optimize team trust, communication, collaboration and commitment. We offer short mini-session, full day or two-day TEAM JUMP START programs to get your team up and running fast.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop

CLI’s  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop ®, is based on the New York Times bestseller by Patrick Lencioni. This interactive workshop is available in half-day, full day, or two-day learning session formats.

We begin the session with a web-based needs assessment and deployment of the web-based Five Dysfunction Team Assessment, then use instructor-led classroom and breakout exercises from the book to help your team make progress in their levels of trust, ability to manage conflict, capacity to increase commitment and accountability, and focus on results.

The team will assess their strengths as well as their current level of dysfunction. At the conclusion of the workshop, each individual will know how to act as a cohesive team to build the team’s strengths to reach the results they want to achieve together.

The CLI High Performance Leadership Team Building Program is effective because it takes leaders out of their regular work routine and immerses them in a rich and supportive learning environment.

Leaders will participate in mini-lectures, group discussions, action or experiential learning activities, personal coaching sessions, and solo time. The program will ensure that:

  • Leaders complete the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, or Everything DiSC Management Assessment along with the CLI’s Team Assess. 
  • Leaders will engage in hands-on experiential learning sessions to apply learning. These range from roleplays to case studies and active learning team actities. 
  • Leaders participate in a foundational experiential learning format that promotes the use of team leadership skills including building and implementing strategy, leading team performance, active listening, giving effective feedback, resolving conflict, solving complex problems, delegating effectively, Leaders will complete a personal action plan to ensure that they continue to develop and thrive as team leaders.

CLI maintains partnerships with many retreat facilities so that your leaders can choose the location and amenities they prefer.  

High Performance Leadership Team Building and Retreats

From clients like Whirlpool, Herman Miller, Tellabs, Exelon, and Kerry to The Cirque du Soleil, CLI has offered decades of effective high-performance team building training sessions all over the world.